17 Jan 2011

The third monday of january

by corry
is according to the statistics the most depressing day of the year. They even have a name for today, "blue monday". And although monday is not my favorite day of the week I certainly didn't feel blue today!
No time to feel blue.
You see.. I found these bright ideas in this month country living issue that kept me busy.


Busy in making plans that is.
This list inspired me to make my own interpretation.

Plan 1. pretty pinboard.
The focal point in my craftsroom are these two boards.
Two Simple straight forward ikea boards.
I think they would be so much prettier in plain white.

Plan 2. Storage solution.
Boxes..lots of them!
I keep all my projects in boxes on shelfs.
This one is from AH supermarket

I need more boxes

Plan3. Patchwork throw.
I want to make a bright and colorful simple quilt
These small Kaffe Fassett collection is perfect to start with.
I prefer to use an easy to (machine) sew pattern.

Fassett pile


Picture from Kaffe Fassett book
    or squares.....

Picture from Kaffe Fassett book
or stripes.....
Picture from Kaffe Fassett book

All sugestions are welcome!
groeten, corry

Note: ofcourse these are todays plans..
Who knows what the plans are for tomorrow??!!



  1. Oh yes white frames are a must, that is not a small collection of fabric!!, and I adore your new storage box. All very nice and inspiring, enjoy yourself today.

  2. Kaffe fabrics are among my most favorite!!! Hope that quilt gets made - it will be wonderful!!!

  3. Corry, dear, your blog always inspire me!!! Delicious words and images I find here every time I come! Muito obrigada!
    Beijos!! Kisses!! Bela

  4. Now I feel extra good about making it through the day! Great ideas you have. Your Kaffe quilt will be beautiful with all of that fabric included!

  5. Blimey lots of jobs to keep you busy! Those noticeboards would indeed look prettier in white frames and I say triangles for the quilt!!

    It certainly was Blue Monday for me - I crashed my car on the motorway and the insurance company has written it off!!

  6. Lovely stash of Kaffe fabrics! I like the triangles very much, a quilt like that is still on my list.
    Isn’t that a gorgeous box from AH, I bought one as well!
    Happy days!

  7. http://zipjezopje.web-log.nl/photos/quilts/dsc085691.html ben gek op KF maar dan samen met witte stof, dat brengt de KF stoffen nog mooier naar voren. Maar ik heb dan ook moeite met het maken van een mooie blend van deze stoffen zonder wit, het wordt bij mij altijd een rommeltje.

  8. I know what you mean about plans!! Isn't it a shame our hands can't work as fast as our brains!!!
    Love all your ideas and I'm looking forward to seeing that quilt. :)
    Vivienne x

  9. Hello Corry and Heleen, you always surprise me! Your blog is definitely one of my favourites and always inspiring for me. This time....I've bought (last week) some Kaffe fabrics, and I was thinking to make something NOW with them, so it's great to see some ideas on your post!!!!!!!
    I especially like your color choices. Greetings from Italy, Tiziana http://blogtizy.blogspot.com/ ...if you want to visit my little space!

  10. I'd like to say thank you for pillow SWAP - I've got today mine! Here photos of "Frozen Dahia"

  11. Ik zelf vind de driehoeken heel mooi!
    Wat een heerlijke stapel stoffen heb je liggen zeg!!

  12. Great plans! I've been wanting to do some sort of motivational organization type thing...similar to your plans. Right now my goal is just to get off this crazy computer and get something done! :)

    I think the pin boards would look great in white! It makes me sad not to be able to spray paint in this weather. I have a few projects waiting for it. Your box is so pretty. As far as the quilt, I like all three of them! But I'm a little partial to the squares. :)

  13. Hi Corry,
    I love your pinboard!! The box "voor de lapjes" is very nice and about the patchwork ..... my favorite is the design with the triangles.

  14. Love the collection of fabrics.... so inspiring and ready for spring to come.

    Enjoy looking at your bulletin boards ..... fun projects galore!

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. crochet with raymond22 January 2011 at 08:43

    the kaffe fasset fabric is gorgeous! can't wait to see this quilt!!!

  16. O, die Kaffe Fassett. Ik heb ook zo'n stapel stoffen van hem (zeker dertig verschillende) en weet niet wat ik ermee zal doen.Heb ook heel veel van zijn boeken, en dat is eigenlijk te veel inspiratie. Ik ben heel benieuwd wat het gaat worden.


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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