30 Jan 2011

Finished bag,

Hallo allemaal,
The embroidered flowerbag,

bag short band

is finished!


I like how it turned out.


Have a good sunday!

Groetjes Heleen


27 Jan 2011



Fresh flowers on the kitchentable always gives a great
and welcome feeling.

Fresh tulips

This time the tulips are so pretty!
(and they were real cheep)

fresh tulips

They even inspired me to start a new bag.

flowerpainting bag..

Of course, one with flowers!

Groetjes Heleen


25 Jan 2011


Seen on Flickr  (got myself lost again :) !
Made by very talented people.
going in circles

Follow the links above to check them out.
Have a fun day!
p.s. Thank you for all the get well wishes to our mother. She's doing fine,
 feeling a bit disabled,
 but she can crochet grannies as the best!!


24 Jan 2011

color a winterday

Evening all. How was your first day of the week?
It's been a dark drizzly day here.
I desperatly could use some color.
Like these red tulips on my kitchen counter,
i brought home with me from the grocery shop.
red and white tulips on my kitchen counter
I had a day of from work so..
i cut these pretty fabrics in stripes and then
placed myself behind the sewing machine.
Kaffe Fassett fabrics
to sew blocks.
sew blocks
such a fun job to do on a cold drizzly day like today
I saw this beautiful quilt here that inspired me. 

sewing blocks
I think it looks wonderful so far.
The colors certainly make me smile.
see you soon!
Groeten, Corry


22 Jan 2011

What's in the box?

What's in the box?

in this box

No, it's not my box. It's now our mothers box.


She's crocheting grannies.


She already has these, enough for a pillow.

so far so much

But maybe she'll make two, one for Corry and one for me!
The next comming weeks she'll have plenty of time.
(hopefully energy too)

Ohoooh a broken ankle

The pillow Janine made me for the swap, cheers up my mother

Yes, our mother broke her ankle. Very inconvennient, especially for her.
But we do everything to help her and cheer her up!
And hopefully she'll be riding her bike again soon.
So until than, what better for her to do than making lovely grannies!

Have a nice sunday,

groetjes Heleen


20 Jan 2011

Dutch fabric quilt


Just finished this square quilt in Dutch fabrics.

dutch fabric quilt

It has been waiting a while to be finished.

dutch fabric quilt

I used Dmc yarn and large stitches to quilt.

dutch fabric quilt

I know it's not a very complicated quilt,
but I think it turned out all right!

Groetjes Heleen


17 Jan 2011

The third monday of january

by corry
is according to the statistics the most depressing day of the year. They even have a name for today, "blue monday". And although monday is not my favorite day of the week I certainly didn't feel blue today!
No time to feel blue.
You see.. I found these bright ideas in this month country living issue that kept me busy.


Busy in making plans that is.
This list inspired me to make my own interpretation.

Plan 1. pretty pinboard.
The focal point in my craftsroom are these two boards.
Two Simple straight forward ikea boards.
I think they would be so much prettier in plain white.

Plan 2. Storage solution.
Boxes..lots of them!
I keep all my projects in boxes on shelfs.
This one is from AH supermarket

I need more boxes

Plan3. Patchwork throw.
I want to make a bright and colorful simple quilt
These small Kaffe Fassett collection is perfect to start with.
I prefer to use an easy to (machine) sew pattern.

Fassett pile


Picture from Kaffe Fassett book
    or squares.....

Picture from Kaffe Fassett book
or stripes.....
Picture from Kaffe Fassett book

All sugestions are welcome!
groeten, corry

Note: ofcourse these are todays plans..
Who knows what the plans are for tomorrow??!!


13 Jan 2011

A little ashamed,

Hi everyone,

Yes I'm a little ashamed that I didn't show you this pillow from the pillowswap more early.
But I hope you'll forgive me.. guess I wanted to keep this beautifull pillow just for myself a little while.

pillow from Sarah

This pillow made by Sarah from Roxy creations is stunning!!
Look at all the perfect made detaills,

pillow from Sarah

I'm in love with the cat!

pillow from Sarah

The detaills of the flowers, doors and windows are beautifull.

pillow from Sarah

Sarah I love the pillow you made, every little detail!

pillow from Sarah pillow from Sarah

Dear Sarah Thank you so much!!!
Your pillow gives me joy everytime I look at it!

Groetjes Heleen

ps. I wish you all a happy, creative, healthy 2011!!


10 Jan 2011


by corry
Thank you so much for your warm and reassuring comments.
Well, I did clean up my craftsroom. Makes me wonder...
how come cleaning up a mess always takes longer then make one?
Then when the space was tidy..  
I took a good look at the colors in the basket and slowly a smile came into my crafting heart. 
The red and white flower roll was just perfect for making a bird.

fabric rolls

So here is what I made...


A lovebird with a big heart.

Have a wonderful day,
Groeten, Corry


8 Jan 2011

something to cheer me up

by corry
I think I definitely caught it...the January blues!!
No creative input or output lately. It feels like I'm stuck with two left hands.
Is there a cure, a medicine? ..
Yes, there is!!
Lots of colors and fabric..

fabric rolls

And flowers ofcourse!

tulips on the kitchen table

Maybe an early spring cleaning will help too?
Or at least tidy up my craftsroom!
Enjoy your weekend.
Groeten, Corry

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