14 Dec 2010

Tuesday Through...The Winter Window (3)

Oeps..its very late in the evening, but still tuesday!
Here my window Chrismas tree
found a few years back in a thriftstore.
After a fresh white coat of paint a perfect
tree to hang in the window for decoration. 

Every year from December 1st  till  into the new year.
This time I put this little angel in top.

And she seems very happy there overlooking the room.
Visit Julie's blog for more window views.
Have a lovely evening!
Groetjes, Corry


  1. That’s a lovely thrifted Christmas tree and a very cute Angel!!

  2. Wa een gezelligheid bij jou thuis Corry!
    Groetjes Michaja

  3. Oh my daughter has one of those tree thingys....I think its for putting Christmas cards on, looks nice dressed up though.

  4. Love the tree. And that angel is absolutely adorable! I love her little applique heart. :)

  5. Dear Corry, your work is adorable! I enjoy my visits here!!! Love!! Bela

  6. That is just the cutest little tree ever! I like the idea of a small tree like that to decorate one a day kind of like an advent tree!! OH, I want one of those.
    Merry Christmas to you from all of us in the holler!

  7. als zo'n vrolijke engel je 's ochtends toelacht kan je dag niet meer stuk ...

  8. Interesting tree and very cute angel:)
    you have a lovely view.

  9. corry ! i managed to upload 2 pictures in my computer and blogged about the swap, go see !!! thanks so much again for everything, i just love my pillow so much and all the extra goodies. you are a dear !
    ugs and kisses

  10. I LOVE the tree! and the sweet angel! Brings a smile to my face!

    happy day!

  11. Sisters - I Love your Angel ornament she is so cute!!! All of your ornaments are beautiful and very colorful. I Love your website & enjoy all that you have posted for us. Thanks for sharing!
    Susan (From Sunny California) ":)

  12. wat een leuke blog zeg....ik zag jullie via andere bloggers


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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