16 Nov 2010

Fanciful Felties from mummysam

by Corry

I ordered this book last week and yesterday it arrived on my doormat.
Fanciful felties from mummysam by Samantha Cotterill. (mummysam)
I only saw the book online and was realy curious how it would look in real life.
Well, I can tell you i'm not disappointed at all!
This is a lovely book, filled with wonderful little projects.
Description on how to make and patterns.

The instructions are easy to follow. That is, they look to me as easy to follow.
So far i haven't made anything yet.
The projects are free motion embroidered and hand sewn.
I never did any free motion stitching with the machine before.
But Samantha, gives basic instructions and she says;
a crooked line here and there won't hurt,  
it will give the project character and make it yours!

I love the way each project is photographed with a hand drawn background.

There are different characters.

 They come with matching scenic elements like buildings and cars.
Just love this little house!

Its a wonderful book and I want to make every project in it.
If only there were more hours in the day!

Groeten, Corry



  1. What a fun book! Love the lay-out!

  2. leuk he? ik volg haar blog al een tijdje en heb het boek inmiddels ook in huis!

  3. Ooh dit ziet er inspirerend uit! Ik krijg niet alleen zin om vilten dingen te maken (ben laatste toch afgehaakt met het maken van een vilten cupcake, het is misschien toch niet helemaal mijn ding, maar dit ziet er zo leuk uit) maar ook om te gaan tekenen. Leuk! Gelukkig koop ik de Kerstcadeautjes ;-)!

  4. I saw that book in your sidebar the other week. Can't wait to see what you make out of it! :)

  5. Wow what a fun book. Do you print the fabric or draw the details on? Love everything I've seen too. I wonder what you will make first?

  6. Corry,dear, I always make the same wish "more hours in the day!!!"...so amnuy projects to sew, so much to learn and to see...
    This book seems to be amazing!
    Love!! Bela.

  7. Wat een leuk boek zeg!! Heel orgineel.

  8. Erg leuk boek, daar kun je heerlijk mee aan de gang.

  9. What a really lovely little book! I love the little school satchel. :)
    Vivienne x

  10. What a fun book! I always wish there were more hours in the day.

  11. Love all the illustrations! Very fun indeed! :)

  12. Wow wat is dit super zeg. Heel inspirerend.. Echt van vilt gemaakt? Voor school heb ik een opdracht gekregen mijn huis verkleind na te maken, dus dit vind ik een heel goede tip. Ik ga gelijk eens kijken. Leuke blog trouwens..!


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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