21 Nov 2010

Don't want to reveal to much.....

By Heleen
I'm finnishing my second pillow for the swap... Yes, I know it isn't fair to have two partners.
But I'm very happy about it!
They are,
Sarah from Roxy creations
Janine from Janines stitches.


This is of course the last peek, otherwise I reveal to much!
This morning Corry and me went to a local market. I found this beauty,


I think it will be great for a bag or pillow!

Could be a new bag

At last I want to share with you our Mr Cat's (Bear) manners.
He appropriated the big chair to himself and sleeps and rests their whenever possible.

Mr. Cat in his lazy chair

Ok, so far, you think. Well the next picture reveals it all....

but a bit bad mannered


Happy sunday to you all.


  1. That is one cute cat!!!
    Vivienne x

  2. your cat is so funny!!

  3. Beautiful cat, he is so tired, maybe he had a very busy night!

  4. hahahahaha! is great start the day with a good laugh!

    want to see more of those pillows!

    happy sunday!

  5. This pillow looks fantastic!

  6. Oh I love your cat...they just don't care do they? Pillow looks exciting! Can't wait to see the end product! I posted about your crochet card yesterday! Have a peek. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  7. Cats have such a great life! He must be very comfortable indeed.

    I love that pillow you are making! You really have the most fabulous ideas, fabrics and wonderful design in what you make. I still adore my apron you made and it really makes me happy when I wear it. Your partners are both going to be thrilled with their pillows.

  8. Ha ha die kat is te gek!
    Helaas heb ik pas veel te laat over de pillowswap gelezen. Leuk idee en misschien mag ik een volgende keer meedoen.
    groetjes, Frieda

  9. Those pillows will be fantastic! I already know from previous colorful things you have made. I am looking forward to seeing them finished though.
    Cats are something else aren't they? So comfortable in their own skin with an I don't care attitude.
    I hope you had a lovely Sunday.

  10. hilarious Bear photos! Cats sleep in the funniest positions. I agree that your new stitchery will look amazing on a bag. I still get TONS of compliments on my canal house messenger bag that I purchased from you last spring!

  11. Cat's have no modesty!
    He is very cute.
    Lovely tapestry.

  12. Love the kitty! Ha ha ha! Makes me think of Walt disney's Aristocats for some reason. Absolutely the most cozy kitty cat ever. And I am very curious of those pillows. Your sneak peaks look lovely. Like the fabrics.

  13. haha wat een geweldige foto's van de kat.
    Wat eens schitterend borduursel hebben jullie gevonden. Daar zal vast iets moois van gemaakt worden.
    Fijne week,
    groetjes van Ester

  14. Hahahaaa, wat een leuke kat!

    En wat zal jij weer iets verschrikkelijk moois maken!

  15. lazy kitty ;)
    Your pillow must be a sucess!

  16. Ik ben heeeeel benieuwd wat je allemaal aan het maken bent. Kan niet wachten om het te zien. de foto van die kat is geweldig! Ze liggen er soms bij he ;)

  17. This had me laughing...Your pillow is going to look pretty.

  18. You're so funny Heleen. :D

    I'm very excited to see your finished pillow!


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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