30 Nov 2010

Tuesday Through...The Winter Window (1)

By Corry
Through my window we have snow, the first this winter.
It's cold, freezing. Inside winter decorating started.

Tuesday Through...The Winter Window

This lovely package landed yesterday on my doormat.
It's from my swap partner Monique.
I'll show you it's content after monique recieved her package.
I can tell you its BEAUTIFUL!!

my swap gift from Monique
Groeten, Corry


25 Nov 2010

Christmascard boxes,

by Heleen
I love Christmas card boxes.
Through the house I have lots of them. Not that I send so many cards,
no I just love and buy the boxes (mostly with the cards).

Christmas card boxes

The boxes are so handy! You can keep little projects inside them.

Christmas card boxes

like a little Dutch scrapquilt.

Christmas card boxes

And this yoyo quilt project.
This one is the latest addition,

Christmas card boxes

It is filled with cards now but I can't wait to give it a new purpose!
How about you? what is in your christmas card boxes?

groetjes Heleen


24 Nov 2010


old and new..

Paper and silk flowers made by mother.

Red flower from the thriftshop.

stitched angel


only one month away..

Looking forward to meet him first!

23 Nov 2010

A pink calico cat with devil ears

by Corry
A few weeks ago i was at a craft fair in my area.
There were several hobbies represented, such as painting,
photography, quilting, making cards and other small crafts..etc....
It was so nice to see all the diversity. Some had more my interest than others.
Ofcourse I loved to see the quilts. And I enjoyed seeing new ideas.
Some crafters sold some of their selfmade projects for charity.
Of course I had to buy something. Always like to give charity a helping hand.
Now let me show you my purchases....
A very pretty red/ white hearts mini quilt.
Just lovely isn't it!

These two cross-stitched potholders.
A rooster and  and a hen on her eggs.

And finally a funny pink cat!
calico cat

See her ears....they look like little devil ears.
so funny!
calico cat with devil ears

Have a lovely evening, also on behalf of funny cat!


22 Nov 2010


by Corry
With Christmas just around the corner, okay first we welcome sinterklaas.
But once he's on his boat back to spain it’s time to start thinking about decorating
 the house up a little. A tree, a little glitter, a little ribbon.
And, definitely a new wreath, I can hardly wait!
And where can you go for inspiration in the meantime?
Flickr ofcourse!

Flickr inspiration "wreaths"

1. woodland wreath, 2. Vintage Christmas Light Bulb Wreath, 3. Spring Paper Wreath, 4. wreath light, 5. Untitled, 6. Christmas fabric wreath 2009, 7. Button Wreath Ornament, 8. Mini Felted Wool Wreath, 9. Front Side of Yo-yo Wreath, 10. Acorn Wreath, 11. Winter White, 12. Yo Yo Wreath, 13. holiday rag wreath (9), 14. Wreath of brooches, 15. Vintage Ornament Wreath Shiny Brite, 16. bird wreath ornament

Monday groetjes,

21 Nov 2010

Don't want to reveal to much.....

By Heleen
I'm finnishing my second pillow for the swap... Yes, I know it isn't fair to have two partners.
But I'm very happy about it!
They are,
Sarah from Roxy creations
Janine from Janines stitches.


This is of course the last peek, otherwise I reveal to much!
This morning Corry and me went to a local market. I found this beauty,


I think it will be great for a bag or pillow!

Could be a new bag

At last I want to share with you our Mr Cat's (Bear) manners.
He appropriated the big chair to himself and sleeps and rests their whenever possible.

Mr. Cat in his lazy chair

Ok, so far, you think. Well the next picture reveals it all....

but a bit bad mannered


Happy sunday to you all.

19 Nov 2010

Dutch fabric quilt and a peek,

By Heleen
The Dutch fabric quilt is finished.

Dutch fabric quilt

The quilting with old DMC thread worked out just fine.

Dutch fabric quilt

I had to finish the quilt before I could start to make the

pillow for the pillow swap. And yes it is almost finished!
Of course I can only show a little peek,

pillow swap peek

and another peek.

pillow swap peek

Hope to send it this weekend or next week...

For all you sweet pillow swappers,
Don't forget to put your pictures on our flickr group
please send us a mail or leave a comment if you send or recieve your pillow,
we just don't want to miss anything you make!!
Groetjes Heleen


18 Nov 2010

An early start

by corry
Last November I started to recycle Christmas cards (actually one card).
I made holes around the card and hooked a scalloped edge around.
Well, to make a long story short.....
 before I knew it was January, Christmas was over.
So, I thought to be smarter this year and start early.
Deja vu...
again it's november,
but this time i'm more ahead than last year.
I finished a few ornaments
I give you a sneak peek for now
and will show you the rest later.
or November next year (lol)
Groeten, Corry

16 Nov 2010

Fanciful Felties from mummysam

by Corry

I ordered this book last week and yesterday it arrived on my doormat.
Fanciful felties from mummysam by Samantha Cotterill. (mummysam)
I only saw the book online and was realy curious how it would look in real life.
Well, I can tell you i'm not disappointed at all!
This is a lovely book, filled with wonderful little projects.
Description on how to make and patterns.

The instructions are easy to follow. That is, they look to me as easy to follow.
So far i haven't made anything yet.
The projects are free motion embroidered and hand sewn.
I never did any free motion stitching with the machine before.
But Samantha, gives basic instructions and she says;
a crooked line here and there won't hurt,  
it will give the project character and make it yours!

I love the way each project is photographed with a hand drawn background.

There are different characters.

 They come with matching scenic elements like buildings and cars.
Just love this little house!

Its a wonderful book and I want to make every project in it.
If only there were more hours in the day!

Groeten, Corry


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