17 Oct 2010

weekend dress

 by corry

The last time I've sewn something that looked like clothing was in the last century.
My children were much younger then
and still admiring every piece of garment i made.
But later when they became teenagers,
they no longer needed my sewing skills anymore.
They would rather die then be seen in something their mother had made.
For many years that followed I only used my machine
for quilting and small sewing projects.
But luckely for me I have a new victim
and it will take years before she reached puberty.
At least, I hope for her parents that is (lol)!

So, I bought fine dark blue with pink roses corduroy.
I looked for an easy pattern....
You see, it has been a while and my clothes sewing skills are a bit rusted

I sewed all saterday. And are very pleased with the result.

I think i did pretty well for a beginner second time around.

Update Pillow Swap
All partner info mails are send out.
Please contact us if you haven't recieved a partner info mail.
So now it's up to you!
 Have Fun!
We opened a Flickr group for this swap.
Please come and share a little sneak peek picture
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Can't wait to see what you'll will making!

Groetjes, Corry



  1. Gorgeous!! Both your granddaughter and her dress. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. That's adorable! I've been sewing for my littlest and I thought I would grow my clothes-making skills at the same time. I love making for her because she doesn't complain!

  3. I used to love making things for my boys when they were little. Your dress has turned out so sweet and with those pink tights she looks adorable.

  4. My daughter decided she didn't like handmade clothes when she started kindergarten. That young and the other students were making fun of her beautiful dresses.

    She changed her mind pretty quick in her teens when she needed something formal. Since Mom could make a very expensive looking dress on the cheap. Bonus was she didn't have to worry about anyone else showing up in the exact same thing.

    I've made one house dress for myself this century. I have plenty of fabric and the pattern, I need to get busy and make more.

  5. Forgot to add. That dress is very pretty for a second time around beginner. Funny how rusty are skills get when we don't use them.

    sorry to write a post in your comments.

  6. Ooh die stofjes....en dan het jurkje...je kleindochter, allemaal om van te snoepen!!! Ik vind dat je heel trots mag zijn!

    Ik kan me trouwens wel herinneren dat ik al in Rotterdam (ik ben de zomer voordat ik 4 werd daar vandaan verhuisd) bepaalde dingen die mijn moeder gemaakt had niet aan wilde. Dat waren van die wollige kriebelstoffen, want ja, die koude winters zonder centrale verwarming.

  7. It's a very cute little dress, but I think it looks so good because of the cute little granddaughter who is wearing it!

  8. Beautiful dress and beautiful baby! I love the fabric!

  9. What a darling little dress. You Granddaughter is a darling too!

  10. Two cuties, the granddaughter and the dress!

  11. Your granddaughter looks adorable in her new dress! She must be so proud of it.

  12. Corry~
    That is just the sweetest...
    D ox

  13. Oh my goodness Corry, I could have written this post. I sew tons for my kids until they hit those teen years...sigh. The jumper is adorable.

  14. and I should have added so is your granddaughter ;)

  15. heerlijke jurk voor een heerlijk meisje!

  16. That is sooo sweet! I can't wait for my great niece to get a bit older so I can sew something for her that she won't out-grow in a month!

  17. ADORABLE!!! You chose such sweet fabrics and she looks simply adorable in it!

  18. I think you did great! What an adorable meisje you have there :)

  19. SO cute! So nicely done! Heel erg mooi en wat een leuke stofjes. Mag ik vragen waar je die vandaan hebt? Wij komen met kerst in NL en wil dan wat gaan inslaan :)
    Groetjes Michaja

  20. I love that Corry... "victim." lol :)

    The dress is great!

  21. Gorgeous dress! Gorgeous fabric AND lovely model! By the way, what pattern did you use? Pam

  22. I really would love to know what your pattern is. HOpelijk kan je het in het Nederlands ook lezen realiseer ik me nu? Heb je het patroon nummer of de naam waar het vandaan kwam.
    groetjes Renee


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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