25 Oct 2010

toadstool tutorial

by Heleen
You need:
- piece of polkadot fabric

- embroidery band
- embroidery floss
- some stuffing
- button
- ribbon for the loop

step 1. Cut a piece of embroidery band, 6 inch length.
fold it double and embroider a nice little scenery on one half.
note: the bottem of the scenery is on the fold line.
Step 2. take two pieces of red and white polkadot fabric
and put right side on right side.
pinn the hood (roof) pattern on and cut out with seam allowance.
Make a tiny cut in the seam allowance at the top to mark the opening for the loop.
 And two tiny cuts at the bottem to mark the opening for the embroidery band.
0.1 inch (2 mm.)
Step 3. pinn the embroidery band between the cut marks on the hood fabric,
see picture.
Sew the hood on both ends of the embroidered band.
Fold the seam allowance towards the embroidery band and press.
Fold a ribbon into a loop and pinn the loop on the top mark of the hood,
see picture.
Fold precisely the two parts of the hoods right side on right side.
Sew the hood. Beware not to sew on the embroidery band.
make a few tiny cuts in the seam allowances around the curves.
note: beware not to cut the stitching line.
Turn the toadstool and fold the seam allowances
of both the embroidery band and the hood towards the hood.
Step 4. Close both sides of the band leaving a small opening for filling.

Step 5. Fill the toadstool softly and close the opening.
And tata...your toadstool is ready!

have fun!
p.s. We made a do it your self kit to make this toadstool and a little house.
Go check our store.
 Groetjes Heleen



  1. They are looking very cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Thank you for this tutorial, I'm going to make one for my granddaughter's bedroom door.

  3. Wat ziet dat er leuk uit zeg. Dank je wel voor de tuorial.
    Groetjes van Ester

  4. Sweet! Thanks for sharing. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. Leuk!! Ik ben helemaal into de kabouters, paddenstoelen en Roodkapje tegenwoordig! Had al het haakwerkje van het Kruidvat gekocht, maar dat werd zo'n platte pannekoek, nu heb ik net een 'echte' paddenstoel gehaakt, jaja hij moet nog op de blog....ik heb inmiddels zoveel posten te maken....Vind deze paddenstoel ook erg leuk! Bedankt!

  6. They are terribly cute! I love the fabrics too. You make such beautiful things.

  7. This is just gorgeous. Thanks for the tutorial.

    Pam x

  8. Wat een schatjes! Bedankt voor de tutorial
    Groetjes Michaja

  9. Thank you for this tutorial! You make sewing look so easy and especially so cute! Elizabeth

  10. That is so cute...Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. Dank je voor het leuke patroontje.
    Dit wordt een leuke versiering voor in de kerstboom.

  12. So cute! Thanks for the tutorial.

  13. these are so lovely ! thanks so much for this great tutorial !

  14. Wat leuk! Dit ga ik echt maken! Alleen met de hand want de naaimachine is net kapot gegaan :(

  15. That's adorable! It would look great hanging with my other dutchsisters goodies! :)

  16. 't is paddenstoelentijd! ik zag net elders een gehaakte. deze zijn wel heel er lief - als ik een kabouter was, ging ik er meteen in wonen!

  17. Thank you for this tutorial! Really cute!


  18. That's the loveliest toadstool ever! Thank you for all your inspiring ideas. I love your new blog!!

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Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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