4 Oct 2010

stars for Luca

by Corry 

Hello dear bloggerfriends. How are you?
Hope you'll had a wonderful weekend.
We certainly enjoyed the lovely weather we had yesterday.
This weekend I also made a start on the red stars.

After looking at the red stash for a while..

I now decided what i'll do. I have a plan!
Next to all the red I added a blue and a white with a small print.

The blue will come in the middle of each star
and the white will connect the stars together.
I'm using the english paper piecing methode.
There's not much to show for here, yet.
But the long winter evenings are yet to come....so.
And talking about english paperpiecing....

I saw this lovely little Japanese hexagon quilt book at my mothers home.
and I secretly smuggled it home with me..
along with those pretty rolls.
This teacozy is my favorite pattern in the book.

But wait...those english flowergarden hexagons look familiar.

O dear..
A forgotten project in a box somewhere.
Quick, I put the lid back on , this is for another time.

The starquilt will be for Luca.
She's my little star...
Here she is playing puppet theatre
especially for oma.

Have a good beginning of the week.
Groeten, Corry



  1. Luca is an adorable little girl!She’s a star indeed!

    The little Japanese book looks gorgeous. I have one about houses...
    Love those reproduction fabric flowers!

    Those hidden projects, I know, my house if filled with those!

  2. Luca is darling...My granddaughters would love the puppet theater. I think I have a few projects that will take me through the long winter here.

  3. Mmmmmmm, nice. I do think I have enough projects going, but maybe that tea cosy...Good luck!

  4. Luca is a beautiful girl! What a special puppet theatre she has. I'm sure her star quilt will be beautiful - have fun with your paper piecing.

  5. Tha teacozy is very nice,thanks for these beauty..

  6. Your little star is very cute!!!
    Love the tea cosy. :)
    Vivienne x

  7. Wat een snoepie van een kleinkind heb je Corry. Geweldig dat je een sterrenkleed voor haar gaat maken. Die stapel stofjes ziet er veel belovend uit!
    Heb mijn moeder op pad naar de Bruna winkel gestuurd. Ik doe het dus net andersom. Jij pikt (euh sorry leent) een boek van je moeder en ik laat mijn moeder een boek voor mij kopen :)

  8. Wat wordt Luca al weer groot!
    Ik wens jullie ook een fijne week!

  9. Just discovered your new blog today! It's gorgeous!

  10. Wat een dotje met dat koppie in de poppenkast! Wat zul je gek op haar zijn Corry! In ieder steekje van de steenquilt zit straks liefde meegegeven. Doe dat deksel van die hexagonnendoos nu toch gauw weer open, zo'n enige theemuts is toch zó klaar voor een ervaren quiltster!

  11. That star block looks interesting. Your little Luca is adorable! Lucky Oma!

  12. die theemuts blijft spoken in je hoofd tot je hem maakt!


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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