6 Oct 2010

Send me the pillow that you dream on ; SWAP CLOSED


by corry en heleen
Pillow Swap
Do you like fluffy and comfy
Does your room need a little lift
And do you love to be surprised
than this is the swap for you!
What do you have to do?
1. Make a pillow case any way you like
You can sew, knit, crochet, felt, embroider it.
There's one restriction though. That's the size.
The pillow case has to be big enough for a
40 cm. / 16 inch square insert.
You can use a zipper, buttons or an envelope style to close the pillow.

Hint:  you can find great tutorials on youtube.

Wrap it up all pretty,
and send it in a (large) bubble padded envelope.

(Only a pillow case, not an insert!)
along with a nice note for your partner.

Because we believe notes make things extra nice!

Who can join?
Everyone with a blog and/or flickr photo site can join.
Because this is an international swap
you have to be prepared to ship overseas.

You can sign up by;
Leaving a comment on this swap post,
be sure to include your email address if you are a no-reply commenter.
We’ll email you back and ask for your real name,
address, and what your favourite colors are.
The sign up will close on October 13.

We will match up and send out partner information
the following week.
And you have time until
November 30th to mail out.

For questions you can send a mail to

Don't hasitate any longer, come on!
Send out the pillow that you dream on!
If you have a blog feel free to add this swap button in your sidebar

Thank you!

And to give you some pillow inspiration...
Here is a pillow mosaic.
Dream pillows made by wonderful crafty people.
Pillow inspiration
Go explore flickr.
1. sunshine day pillow, 2. Owl Embroidery Pillow, 3. wonky log cabin pillow back, 4. Pillow Swap Pillow 16x16 -Front, 5. labyrint pillow, 6. Pillow Front, 7. Linen & Fabric Scrap House Pillow, 8. Happy Birthday Fan pillow, 9. Sweet Little Cupid Paisley and Lace Pillow Sachet, 10. Summerhouse pillow, 11. Finished Pillow, 12. pillow case robin, 13. tick tock, a pillow clock!!, 14. Turquoise Cushion Cover, 15. pillow cover, 16. Twinkle Pillow, 17. green pillow, 18. reverse applique pillow, 19. Essence Custom Decorative Pillow, 20. picnic pillow, 21. c or d pillow, 22. Patchwork Drawing Room Pillow, 23. Elephant pillow, 24. colorful bits pillow 002, 25. Scotties Pillow Cover

Have fun, hope you'll join!

Groeten, Corry en Heleen



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh yes please Heleen and Corry, I would love to join in!!! :)
Vivienne x

Roolen said...

So pretty swap )))
I would love to join in!


manuela said...

This sounds like fun!
I would like to join the swap.

Heleen said...

I am really busy, but what a joy getting such a great present in the post. Sign me up! I'm already sorting out nice fabrics and patterns for the swap!

Shachar said...

Oh!! I love your swaps and I'm IN on this one as well!!


ria said...

I would like to be in, it will be the first time ever so l'm a bit nervous about it but want to give it a try anyway!! Ria

Christa said...

Hello Heleen and Corry,
I would love to join the pillow swap, count me in!


Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

I would LOVE to join in on this one!


Lee said...

I can't pass up one of your swaps. Groetjes Lee

kris93 said...

hello i am Christine and i live in France near Paris,and i want to join you for this swap. Thank you.

Blanje Bleu said...

Leuk! Ik doe mee!

jodie said...

Please sign me up! I'd love to play! Thank you!


SarahVee said...

I'm in Canada and would love to swap a dream pillow! Please add me to your growing list.Thanks.

Michaja said...

Ik doe met heel veel plezier mee!
Hebben jullie ook de kerstswap gezien? Hij staat op mijn blog. Ook een hele leuke.
Ik zal alsook even reclame maken voor jullie swap.
Groetjes Michaja

the dutch purple rabbit said...

ja ik doe mee.
je kan nooit genoeg kussens hebben na mijn idee.

purple rabbit

Jenny at Red House said...

Hi Heleen and Corry please may I take part in your pillow swap. It will be like getting an early Christmas present! jennyx

Sarah said...

Yes please!! After seeing all those pretty pillows how could I not want to join! I'd be happy with any of those. And you organise such great swaps too. Thank you.

wilmi said...

yep ik doe mee! mooie voorbeelden trouwens!

Judy said...

Count me in too Corry :)

Miss Antoinette K. said...

You can count me in! What a wonderful little pillow swap!!! :)


Miss Antoinette


RosaMaría said...

Yes please!
I would love to join in!



Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Would love to join in on this swap thanks so much...Peg

Deb said...

I'd love to, those pictures look so great!

Françoise said...

Hoi Corry en Heleen,

Graag doe ik mee aan de pillow swap.Fijn dat jullie weer actief zijn!
Veel succes met de organisatie

Just-Do said...

Wat een ontzettend leuk idee! Ik doe mee.

Janine said...

Hello, i like to join the swap too.

kind regards Janine alers

meikefer said...

Hi, I'd like to join!

Willeke said...

Yes please! Great idea.

Paula said...

Wonderfull! Count me in! This is my first time in any swap, so I'm a bit nervous...

Nita said...

Hello Girls

Count me in please, even though I am supposed to be finishing WIPs-a-plenty!

Rosana Becker said...

Hi Helen and Corry
I would like to join !
Thanks !!

Hugs :o)
Rosana Becker

The Patchwork Heart said...

I would love to join the swap please count me in, UK please if possible
Heather x

byPetra said...

And me too, I love to join this swap, please count me in.

xx Petra (petra(at)hoeksema.org)

@Helena said...

I will join with pleasure! Elena :-) baskakovaele@yandex.ru

Наташа said...

Good idea! I too want to participate!

Ágota said...

I'd love to join too!
Very good idea:)

Huize Steen. said...

Ja leuk!! Ik wil graag meedoen!!

Сима said...

I would love to join in!


Mirra said...

Great idea.

steph said...

hello Heleen and Corry ! I would love to participate in this swap !
Thanks !

Rosa-Munda said...

Please count me in for the swap! Ros

JuicyFig said...

Oooh, just the swap I have been looking for! Count me in please! and if it is possible, a UK partner, but if not - thats fine!!!


Diana said...

Proekt Very nice! I would be happy to share. Diana

elisara said...

This is a great idea! I want to participate!
elisara168 @ gmail.com

Klik said...

A pleasant surprise for New Year :). Great! Count me in, please! Salut from Russia!

Nataly Klik from http://klik-leisure.blogspot.com


florella said...

Hello! It's a wonderful idea for swap!! I'd like to join.

Ira, Belarus

Van e Chris said...

Hi! We would love to join the swap!
Cheers from Brazil!


The Clip Cafe said...

YES please!!! theclipcafe@yahoo.com.au

Sandy said...

Those pillows are beautiful!
Would love to join in the fun.

Freggers said...

I would love to join!


Elizabeth said...

Yes, I would like to join. Thank you.

Francisca R. said...

Wat een leuke ruil....maarre.......helaas ik heb geen weblog...............en ik begrijp dat ik dan niet mee mag doen?


Nana Go-Go said...

Hello Heleen and Corry, I found you through `The Patchwork Heart` and am now following you all the way from Scotland! I would love to join in your `Pillow Swap` please, if I may.

Jean said...

Hello Ladies! Yes I would love to join in on another fun swap! I had such fun with the last one. Count me in! Thank You! Jean jeanh1965@yahoo.com

Наталья said...

I would love to join in! Natali. My mail Natali_441@e1.ru

Lien said...

Wat leuk zeg en ik zou graag meedoen, groetjes vanuit new zeeland !


Steffi said...

I would like to join. These pillows are fantastic!


anka said...

Would love to join, too. Sounds like so much fun!

swedishouse said...

Would Love to Join in please ;-)
Tack saaa mycket

Roxy Creations said...

Hi Corry and Heleen,

I just saw you message on our blog and would love to join in. We have never done a swap before but it sounds like fun.

Can you put down both my sister Rachel and myself?

Our email is roxycreations@yahoo.com


lentochka said...

Thank you for the excellent idea for swap! It's very interesting!)

My mail - anel75@bk.ru

Shirl said...

Yes, please count me in ... :0)

Shirl x

Anonymous said...

I've never done a swap before but I would love to join in your "pillow swap"too

My mail syljager@bluewin.ch

Neili said...

I would like join. Pillows are nice.

Poes P said...

Ik ben gelukkig nog net op tijd om me aan te melden :-) Ik doe graag mee!

Voor alle veiligheid: poesp@hotmail.be

Groetjes, Maaike

Akelein said...

Oke, dankzij het blog van poesP ben ik nog net op tijd. Ik wil ook graag meedoen! Lijkt me heel erg leuk!
Groetjes, Aafke

blueberries in the fields said...

can i be part of this wonderful swap ? i would love to share !

Rachael said...

o wow this sounds wonderful, i would love to join please.


Manata said...

I would love to join in! Natalia. My mail manata78@mail.ru

Lindsey said...

hey i'm fairly new to all this blogging malarkey, but would love to be involved please :O)

Neili said...

My email is neilisana (at) gmail.com

Amanda said...

I would love to participate in your pillow case swap :)


Thank you so much for hosting!


France said...

J'aimerais participer au swap oreiller. Merci

Anonymous said...

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Watergrass Jon said...

Would you please do this again! I would love to be part of something like this. Rozann Gilbert (www.facebook.com/mathbuster)

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