30 Oct 2010

Visit to Londen,

By Heleen
For weeks we looked forward to this, going to Londen!
My daughter and me spend a few days there.
We had a Super great time!!! Did a lot walking and shopping... (not to much buying)
Here a little impression,

londen impression

We made a list of shops we really wanted to visit,
and my daughter wanted to visit the Abercrombie store.
As you can see we did it all!

We also loved to spend time in the Nothing Hill neighborhood with its little shops.
We had a great breakfast at 'Clair's' and we were in the 'Books for Cooks' and in the "Travelbookshop'.
(We just missed Hugh Grant..)
Now vacation is over and monday we all go back to school..

And I'll have time to work on my pillowswap for Sarah.

Have a good weekend everyone!


25 Oct 2010

toadstool tutorial

by Heleen
You need:
- piece of polkadot fabric

- embroidery band
- embroidery floss
- some stuffing
- button
- ribbon for the loop

step 1. Cut a piece of embroidery band, 6 inch length.
fold it double and embroider a nice little scenery on one half.
note: the bottem of the scenery is on the fold line.
Step 2. take two pieces of red and white polkadot fabric
and put right side on right side.
pinn the hood (roof) pattern on and cut out with seam allowance.
Make a tiny cut in the seam allowance at the top to mark the opening for the loop.
 And two tiny cuts at the bottem to mark the opening for the embroidery band.
0.1 inch (2 mm.)
Step 3. pinn the embroidery band between the cut marks on the hood fabric,
see picture.
Sew the hood on both ends of the embroidered band.
Fold the seam allowance towards the embroidery band and press.
Fold a ribbon into a loop and pinn the loop on the top mark of the hood,
see picture.
Fold precisely the two parts of the hoods right side on right side.
Sew the hood. Beware not to sew on the embroidery band.
make a few tiny cuts in the seam allowances around the curves.
note: beware not to cut the stitching line.
Turn the toadstool and fold the seam allowances
of both the embroidery band and the hood towards the hood.
Step 4. Close both sides of the band leaving a small opening for filling.

Step 5. Fill the toadstool softly and close the opening.
And tata...your toadstool is ready!

have fun!
p.s. We made a do it your self kit to make this toadstool and a little house.
Go check our store.
 Groetjes Heleen


19 Oct 2010

Sewing nine patch when it rains..

by corry

Rain is pouring down. It's cold and wet outside.
And I'm up in my attic, cozy and warm.
Guess what I'm doing.......
I sew!

I sew nine patch,
my most used and most favorite pattern.
nothing beats nine patch!
I use flowery Laura Ashley fabric for the centre
It gives the blocks just the kind of folklore touch I love.
Add some bright reds, some gingham and stripes,
and I think it will be a lovely quilt.

Like this one, done in blue

groeten, Corry


17 Oct 2010

weekend dress

 by corry

The last time I've sewn something that looked like clothing was in the last century.
My children were much younger then
and still admiring every piece of garment i made.
But later when they became teenagers,
they no longer needed my sewing skills anymore.
They would rather die then be seen in something their mother had made.
For many years that followed I only used my machine
for quilting and small sewing projects.
But luckely for me I have a new victim
and it will take years before she reached puberty.
At least, I hope for her parents that is (lol)!

So, I bought fine dark blue with pink roses corduroy.
I looked for an easy pattern....
You see, it has been a while and my clothes sewing skills are a bit rusted

I sewed all saterday. And are very pleased with the result.

I think i did pretty well for a beginner second time around.

Update Pillow Swap
All partner info mails are send out.
Please contact us if you haven't recieved a partner info mail.
So now it's up to you!
 Have Fun!
We opened a Flickr group for this swap.
Please come and share a little sneak peek picture
 just to make your partner and the rest of us more curious!
Can't wait to see what you'll will making!

Groetjes, Corry


15 Oct 2010


by Heleen
"What my hands can do"

"What my hands can do"

Want to show you some art work from the seventh grade I teach once a week.
 (10 and 11 year old)

"What my hands can do"

The details are magnificent and take time to finish.

"What my hands can do"

But the results are beautiful!
"What my hands can do"

Now, my hands can't wait to start the
What are your hands doing?
We are almost finished
matching and sending your partner information for the pillow swap.By the end of tomorrow everyone will have their partner information
 and can get started to get to know each other a little.
Have fun and see you soon!

Groetjes Heleen


13 Oct 2010

I did it again...

by corry 
Go grocery shopping on an empty stomach!
That's so wrong..
Surrounded by temptations its hard to resist.
But I did,  I was strong,
and bought a food magazine instead. 
How smart is that!

Back home, the groceries in the cupboard and me on the couch
drooling over all the yummie goodies in the picture,
my stomach starts to growl again.
As a magnet my hand automaticly 
grabs those delicious cookies. Hunger would now be over soon.

Wrong..so terribly wrong!!
(but very yummy, indeed)

Swap news
There are 72 lovely participants (including Heleen and I)
Most of you have responded to our mail.
Please, if you haven't heard from us yet
send an email to

In the next few days we're making couples
and will send out all partner's details.
You hear from us soon.
Groeten, Corry


10 Oct 2010

Today's catch

This early morning I went to a local car-boot sail and this is my catch,

Today's catch at the car bootsail

I'm really in love with this litlle french doll!

Little rench vintage girl

And with our

coming up, I couldn't resist this colorful pillow,

New pillow

The colors match this season wonderful.

And for this season I made these bags,

New autumn bags

My next project will be making pillows!
Can't wait to get started with matching swap partners and 'meeting' my own swap partner.

Groetjes Heleen


8 Oct 2010

Pretty things..

by Heleen
Look what came today,
Flow, welcome gift

I bought Flow magazine every time... so I thought...
why not just take a membership.. and receive a, (this) welcome gift!
( an early santa gift)

working on new bag
I'm making a little progress with the bag... 
found this great pink shiny lining!

shiny pink lining
I think this bag will turn out pretty.
And talking of pretty..
look at this pretty girl on the kitchentable
   my sweetest youngest niece Sofie!
on my kitchentable,
Around her are, her mother, oma and great-grandmother and me...
having our weekly chat

Did you join our Pillow swap?
you have until 13 october to sign up!
It will be great!

Have a good weekend everyone,
Groetjes Heleen


6 Oct 2010

Send me the pillow that you dream on ; SWAP CLOSED


by corry en heleen
Pillow Swap
Do you like fluffy and comfy
Does your room need a little lift
And do you love to be surprised
than this is the swap for you!
What do you have to do?
1. Make a pillow case any way you like
You can sew, knit, crochet, felt, embroider it.
There's one restriction though. That's the size.
The pillow case has to be big enough for a
40 cm. / 16 inch square insert.
You can use a zipper, buttons or an envelope style to close the pillow.

Hint:  you can find great tutorials on youtube.

Wrap it up all pretty,
and send it in a (large) bubble padded envelope.

(Only a pillow case, not an insert!)
along with a nice note for your partner.

Because we believe notes make things extra nice!

Who can join?
Everyone with a blog and/or flickr photo site can join.
Because this is an international swap
you have to be prepared to ship overseas.

You can sign up by;
Leaving a comment on this swap post,
be sure to include your email address if you are a no-reply commenter.
We’ll email you back and ask for your real name,
address, and what your favourite colors are.
The sign up will close on October 13.

We will match up and send out partner information
the following week.
And you have time until
November 30th to mail out.

For questions you can send a mail to

Don't hasitate any longer, come on!
Send out the pillow that you dream on!
If you have a blog feel free to add this swap button in your sidebar

Thank you!

And to give you some pillow inspiration...
Here is a pillow mosaic.
Dream pillows made by wonderful crafty people.
Pillow inspiration
Go explore flickr.
1. sunshine day pillow, 2. Owl Embroidery Pillow, 3. wonky log cabin pillow back, 4. Pillow Swap Pillow 16x16 -Front, 5. labyrint pillow, 6. Pillow Front, 7. Linen & Fabric Scrap House Pillow, 8. Happy Birthday Fan pillow, 9. Sweet Little Cupid Paisley and Lace Pillow Sachet, 10. Summerhouse pillow, 11. Finished Pillow, 12. pillow case robin, 13. tick tock, a pillow clock!!, 14. Turquoise Cushion Cover, 15. pillow cover, 16. Twinkle Pillow, 17. green pillow, 18. reverse applique pillow, 19. Essence Custom Decorative Pillow, 20. picnic pillow, 21. c or d pillow, 22. Patchwork Drawing Room Pillow, 23. Elephant pillow, 24. colorful bits pillow 002, 25. Scotties Pillow Cover

Have fun, hope you'll join!

Groeten, Corry en Heleen

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