29 Sep 2010

sewing lesson for beginners

by Corry

 Today i made the bag that came as a kit along with Cath Kidston's book
    The link is for the English version,
                        I have the book written in Dutch                     
The parts for the bag came pre-cut and
 there were also buttons and a label included.
The instructions were easy to follow.

See here the result.I'like how it turned out.
 I practiced the buttonhole stitch.
So glad I found that special stitch on my machine.
Now I go follow the last instruction...wash and dry (in dryer)
to give the bag that vintage look.
Groeten, Corry 

28 Sep 2010

needed and found..

by Corry

found in Pandora's box
keep on crocheting!
groeten, Corry

26 Sep 2010

Bag and tree update

By Heleen
I made this bag,
Autumn bag

With vintage ribbon and a embroidered painting.
I love the autumn colors in this scenery.

Do you remember my tree pictures?
My idea was to make a picture of the same tree every month.
januari februari maart april
januari        februari           march              april
mei juni
may       june

now here is a little gap...
I missed juli and august..I know, it's a unfortunate,
so now I made two pictures in september,
1 september autumn day, 23 september

You can already see the fall colors in the top of the tree and on the edges of the leaves.
I'm sure the october and november tree pictures will have even better colors!
wish you all a good start of the week!

Groetjes Heleen 


24 Sep 2010

Drumroll please..

by Heleen and Corry
We're flabbergasted...blown away....just completely stunned!!
So many comments on our giveaway post.

Thanks everyone for a warm welcome to our new blog.
So lovely to read all your comments.
But now the moment we're all waiting for...
The "moment suprême"...
The red notebook goes to-  Justine from sew Justine sew
The blue notebook goes to- Lisette from handmaid Liset

Please mail us your address so we can send you your prize.
Heleen's daughter wanted to pick the winners.

We let her in exchange for two of her famous and delicious cupcakes.

She can bake the best cupcakes and we devoured them!
But before our weekly coffeetime together, we went to the local thriftstore.

And boy, did we do good business there!
Mountain mist cotton batting for only 2 euro.

3 meter folklore ribbon.
And the icing on the cake...
This lovely cute couple.
We both love to go thrift hunting..
We think that's something we inherited from our mother.
Groetjes, Heleen en Corry


23 Sep 2010

My moment,

By Heleen

Kids to school, did a bit of home cleaning,

easy morning

Time to read the papeer and this magazine,drink tea and spent some time in blogland.
Wish you all a great day with lots of nice moments.

Groetjes Heleen

ps. tomorrow we will anounce the winners of our giveaway....
so don't forget to enter.


22 Sep 2010

Granny cushion no. 2

by Corry

I've just finished cushion number two.

It has one row less than granny cushion number one.
Size is: 37 cm square
And boy..do I love the pink scalloped edges.
It looks so lovely on mister chair.

I used a firm flannel cotton for the back

And I sewn buttonholes for the first time..
I finally discovered how that special feature on my machine works.
I think I'm so smart (lol)!

I've so much fun making these cushions
 that I immediately go ahead with cushion number three.


Have a lovely (maybe crafty) day too!
Groetjes Corry


19 Sep 2010

Sunday stash

by Corry
Sundayafternoon and I'm up here in my lovely, all mine, atticroom.
I'm going through my fabric-cabinet and pulled out all the red ones.
Now that the evenings are getting colder and longer,
 I need something new I can do.
A new challenge what can be done sitting in front of the tv.
So far I found this stash of red!

Next thing I went looking for was a pattern. It has to be non-complicated.
I think this is it...

Texas star. I want to make this one using the paper piecing method.
You do not need to remind me that I've already a paper piecing star quilt
waiting to get finished hidden in a box somewhere.
I know....I just want a NEW project!
And, I have more boxes than projects....so!

What are your plans for next winters project??

Have a lovely Sunday.
Groetjes, Corry


16 Sep 2010


by Heleen and Corry

Welcome on our new Dutch sisters blog!
We each had a separate blog for a couple of years,
which we both happily maintained.
But one afternoon, while we were drinking coffee and tea and eating sweet homemade cake,
 we both came to the same conclusion.

drinking tea and eating cake
 It would be so much fun to share a sisters blog.
Everything will remain the same.
 The only change will be, we both post on this new blog from now on.
Sharing the same blog will give us a good excuse to come together and drink coffee and eat lots of homemade cake!
To celebrate the opening of this new blog, we thought it would be great to begin with a giveaway.
To enter this giveaway just leave a comment and tell us wich color notebook you like most.
The drawing will be friday septembre 24.
We hope you enjoyed your visit here and see you again soon.

Groetjes, Corry en Heleen

14 Sep 2010

A girls trip to London

by Heleen
Just finished this new bag.

I'm pleased with the result, and love the warmth of the colors and look of the bag.

The checked fabric and the wide band are also doing well together, don't you think?


Yes, my daughter and me are going to Londen for a few days in October,
just the two of us, the girls in the house!

If any of you have great London ideas for us,
it can be anything, a nice BB or hotel, lovely shops, vintage shops, places to lunch, etc....

We'll love it and be greatful!

Update: I recieved so many wonderful ideas already. Thank you so much...
Now I think we should expand our journey with a few extra days!

This is it for now... groetjes,  Heleen


By Corry

Remmember the crochet grannies I made this summer.
I'm gonna use them to make pillows.

I love how this one turned out.
100% wool and lots of color
that always works for me!

This book I bought last week. Cath Kidston's sewing lessons for beginners.
It's a lovely book and it contains lovely projects which are not that difficult to make.
The book comes with a complete sewing kit for the bag that's shown on the cover.

Have a good beginning of the week.

Groeten, Corry
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