30 Dec 2010

Farewell 2010

2010 is slowly coming to an end. So this will probably our last post this year.
But before we go celebrate new years eve…
We want to thank you’ll for dropping by,
for your interest and attention and your lovely, warm and kind comments.
It's been a pleasure to be able to share our creative thoughts with you all.
We are looking forward to a New “creative” Year to share.
Until then, we wish you much love, health and happiness.

Farewell 2010

I still have to show you these pictures of the beautiful pillowcase Monique made for me.


I love this wee mouse

She spoiled me with these gorgeous fabrics and labels......


Here's is what I made for Monique.
I used a kind of velvet/velours dark grey fabric.
And crocheted scalloped edges around it.
The center M is cross-stitched and a crochet flower to complete it all.

This little guy is hanging in our Christmas tree.
ikea gnome

Happy New Year to you'll,
Heleen and I certainly hope to see you soon next year!!

Groeten, Corry 


18 Dec 2010

Pillow cover swap,

by Heleen
As you know I had two partners in our pillowswap!
Both partners, Janine and Sarah, recieved the pillow I made for them.
Yesterday I recieved my package from Janine,

great wrapping!

I love how she wrapped it and the card is great!

great colors

Love the colors!

This is what Janine made me

And The pillow is Beautyfull!!!!

This is what I made for both of them,

my pillow

A Dutch house pillow!


I made three, one for Sarah and Janine and one for the shop.

I hope you all recieved, or will receive, your pillow!
Don't forget to look or enter your swap pictures here  .

Have a good weekend!

Groetjes Heleen


14 Dec 2010

Tuesday Through...The Winter Window (3)

Oeps..its very late in the evening, but still tuesday!
Here my window Chrismas tree
found a few years back in a thriftstore.
After a fresh white coat of paint a perfect
tree to hang in the window for decoration. 

Every year from December 1st  till  into the new year.
This time I put this little angel in top.

And she seems very happy there overlooking the room.
Visit Julie's blog for more window views.
Have a lovely evening!
Groetjes, Corry

10 Dec 2010

Christmas tree ornaments

By Heleen
A girlfriend asked me to make her a tree ornament.
So I thought,
Time to bring out my christmas ornaments and see if I still have one.

my christmas ornaments

No I'm out of tree's... time to make new ones,

working on tree ornaments

I also made them in Dutch blue colors this time,

tree ornament

Not just for christmas but a wintertree!

Groetjes Heleen


9 Dec 2010

Clever mittens and a gingerbread heart

by Corry
Have I got something to show you!!!
This morning I received these two..
clever mittens
A very kind lady knitted these mittens for me.
It are clever mittens..look, here's why...

clever mittens
The top can flip over the fingers to the front
so all fingers are free to use.

clever mittens
The colors are so bright and just me!
Wish I new how to knit mittens!
Maybe I have to take some lessons from the kind lady.

Something I know I can
gingerbread winter heart
I used the very last corner that was left of the brown cross-stitched tablecloth
to make a last gingerbread winter heart.

For the back I used an old oilily blouse.

gingerbread winter heart
I put the heart in our store.
We still have winter weather. Makes me want to eat real winter food.
So, I'm cooking erwtensoep (pea soup) right now
and while my soup is on the stove, I have time to quilt some stitches.
red folklore nine patch quilt
Happy quilting!
groeten, Corry


7 Dec 2010

Tuesday Through...The Winter Window (2)

by Corry
I'm joining Julie at Swedish house in a blog photo hop
showing the views out of our windows on Tuesday 
in the 4 weeks for Christmas.
Today winter window 2.
Its stil cold but the snow is almost gone.
Tuesday Through...The Winter Window (2)

I received these cute 'home stickers for windows' from st. Nicholas.
Such a lovely gift. It made me want to start Christmas decorating right away!

 I'm going to take a look through the other winter windows now...
links here
Have a lovely day you'll
Groeten, Corry

3 Dec 2010


by Corry
It's that time of year again...
for lifting the lid of the angelbox to let them fly.
But...not for they all have their wings first!

angel time
For the angel tutorial go here

angel pattern
Groetjes, Corry

2 Dec 2010

Sinterklaas and kids art

by Heleen
Just a few more nights and it is Sinterklaas feest!
This time of year is busy but gives a warm cozy feeling, gezellig!

Sinterklaas kapoentje

In our classroom we always make a nice fireplace we sing songs
we made shoes to put by the fireplace so Sinterklaas
can put some candy and pepernoten in the them.

Of course we also made Pieten (Sinterklaas assistent).

Zwarte piet Zwarte piet

four, five and six year old are great to celebrate Sinterklaas with!


The sevent grade (10-11 year) made these rosets,


And these portraits in style of the Italian artist Modigliani


I just love these portraits!

I'm off now.. busy making Sinterklaas preparations..

groetjes Heleen

p.s. Dear pillowswappers, did you send your pillow?
don't forget to take pictures and send them to our flick site.


30 Nov 2010

Tuesday Through...The Winter Window (1)

By Corry
Through my window we have snow, the first this winter.
It's cold, freezing. Inside winter decorating started.

Tuesday Through...The Winter Window

This lovely package landed yesterday on my doormat.
It's from my swap partner Monique.
I'll show you it's content after monique recieved her package.
I can tell you its BEAUTIFUL!!

my swap gift from Monique
Groeten, Corry


25 Nov 2010

Christmascard boxes,

by Heleen
I love Christmas card boxes.
Through the house I have lots of them. Not that I send so many cards,
no I just love and buy the boxes (mostly with the cards).

Christmas card boxes

The boxes are so handy! You can keep little projects inside them.

Christmas card boxes

like a little Dutch scrapquilt.

Christmas card boxes

And this yoyo quilt project.
This one is the latest addition,

Christmas card boxes

It is filled with cards now but I can't wait to give it a new purpose!
How about you? what is in your christmas card boxes?

groetjes Heleen

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